This section lists various suppliers of uniforms and equipment, with comments as to whether we have purchased items from them and how suitable these items might be for the various impressions we endeavour to portray.

Should you be looking to obtain items for your own use then perhaps these links might be useful. If you are interested in joining us then please get in touch to discuss before buying anything so we can advise what would be most suitable.

Uniforms and Equipment

NiceCollection. This vendor offers a variety of uniform components and accessories, e.g. headgear, insignia, water bottle covers &c. Their service and quality are both excellent and we very much recommend them for every possible purchase. Both WW1 and WW2 accessories are available.

Doursoux. This supplier does a range of WW1 items, some of which are acceptable and others not. For example, the 1877 veste de troupe is reasonable but the vareuse bleu horizon is of a later design not suitable for WW1 use. The material of the horizon blue trouser is good but it is of a non-regulation design. So, it is best to carefully research and examine the pictures beforehand. The service is good from this vendor.

Héritage Militaire. Offers items for the Franco-Prussian war and also WW1. We've not tried any of the uniforms but have bought some accessories and headgear, and the service is good. As far as we know (Nov. 2017) this is the only seller who currently has backpacks available, though only for 1870.

Soldier of Fortune. The WW1 items sold here are reasonably priced and of acceptable quality, with quick delivery. However, the greatcoats are not suitable for a Legion Étrangère impression as the Legion would have been in khaki by the time this style was being issued. They would be suitable for portraying an American volunteer serving in a French regiment (e.g. the 170e).

SJ-Seamstress. Amongst the items they sell are some belt supports suitable for an 1870 impression, and they are also capable of reproducing metal items.

Dagr Workshop. The source of our very nice Régiment Étranger buttons.

Grenier du Biffin. A supplier of nice reproductions of identity discs.

Jmfcol These képis look good and are of a comfortable fit.

Chat Botté. This vendor offers some expensive but very nice looking uniforms, which we have not seen in person. If you wish to portray a legionnaire during 1915, in horizon blue, then a Capote Poiret will be needed rather than the double- breasted model 1915.

Horizon Blue Wool. We have had one coat from this vendor and it is very good indeed, so they are worth getting if you can.

Antikcostume. A good source for rank braid and other accessories, with good service. They also stock a Capote Poiret, which we have not seen in person.

Steve Fisher. Good gas masks for use with an early WW1 Legion impression.

Frogsacks. We've not ordered from them yet but they seem to have a range of good stuff.


There are various weapons which might be of use depending on one's period and impression, and also whether one has an FAC, shotgun certificate, or no licence at all, for example:

Clearly, a licenced weapon is preferable as it can fire blanks, but non-firing guns such as inert replicas and deacts are also usable. Possible suppliers for weapons of all types include the following.


If you find that any of the links above are broken or in error then please contact us and we will do our best to rectify the problem.